Peer-to-Peer Charging Network for EV

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(time-based or kWh-based)

Monetize your home charger

Invest in charging point for electric cars

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Make up to €166.5 a month*

Share your charger with others when you don't need it and monetize your own charger while providing a better grid for other drivers

Charger Power:

3.7 Kw
7 Kw
11 Kw
22 Kw

*Assuming 5 hours of bookings a day, on an average price of €0.30 per kWh

Empower the charging network by enrolling your own EV charger

"We believe in a peer-to-peer solution for electric car charging. If everyone can provide energy to the grid, we can empower the network, creating a fast growing new EV charging paradigm"


  • 2018/09

    We will launch a platform for owners of charging points for EVs and present some partners in the EU and in the USA

  • 2018/10

    Android and IOS app debut for users to buy energy from their peers. Integrated schedule and paying systems.

  • 2019/02

    Our users will access a database of cities to place charging points. You can invest on the next generation of gas stations.

  • 2019/06

    ICO Launching...We want to improve the transactions between our users, therefore, we will launch a currency for EVs charging stations.

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