Commercial spaces

Provide and control a network of chargers that you make available to your customers


Parking lots

Take advantage and offer your customers the possibility to charge their vehicles. We have a special solution for covenants



Offer or monetize your charging stations or outlets. We are able to integrate with existing chargers



Gyms, stadiums, sports complexes, companies, among others

Our Solution


  • Google Play

    Application available for Android

  • Backoffice

    Access your backoffice and manage your network of charging stations

  • Give charging coupons for EV's

    Offer charging coupons to your best customers

  • Automatic Billing

    Our billing system is fully integrated and you can have an automatic billing module

  • App Store

    Application available for IOS

  • Integrated payment system

    Your customers, after charging, will pay using the app

  • Fleet Management

    Define your electric fleet and they can charge without paying.

  • Integration with existing apps

    If your business has already an application, we can integrate our technology


How it works

Download the app

Create an account

Activate the charging station

Pay at the end of each charging session

Contact us

Get in touch with us for any question