How we were born

We created We Can Charge because we want to empower any company or state to create their own charging networks. Our technology, which we make available to the market free of charge, can be integrated into any charging device or socket. In this way, we give people, who believe in electric mobility, a way to build a charging infrastructure, anywhere in the world, without the need of investment by the state or large multinationals.


What we believe

We believe that the future of mobility involves building a decentralized solution, where people and companies can participate. We believe in the decentralization of energy and we want more people and companies to bet on energy self-production. We want electric mobility to be sustainable and for that, it is necessary to create incentives for the production of local energy. We want small and large businesses to share this adventure and become an essential part of the movement to electric mobility

How to join We Can Charge

Any person or company can join us and invest on the future of mobility. What is necessary? You only need a private space and a charger/socket.


Contact us

Get in touch with us for any question you may have.