Using the software

What you need

With We Can charge's software you can control a charger or an outlet. It is very easy to start using our software, from installation to registration. You just need to have 3 things to be able to control your charger with our system:

1st Place

2nd Internet at the installation site

3rd Available power

software wcc


Before registration, it is necessary to have a charging device, which can be a socket or a charger. Right after that, you can register on the platform. There are four steps to create an account and to operate in one or more chargers on our system

1st Create an account to receive payments.

2nd Create an account on the We Can Charge platform

3rd Register the charger on the We Can Charge platform

4th Set Prices / Promotions and Opening Hours

It's working!

How my customers use the charger

The whole process works in the app. The Customer activates the station through the We Can Charge application, provides with payment information and at the end of the each charge, the payment is processed.


  • Google Play

    Application available for Android for your customers to activate, measure and pay for charging sessions

  • Backoffice

    Access your backoffice and manage your network of charging stations

  • OCPI

    Communicate with charging hubs and reach other customersf

  • Preventive maintenance

    Preventive and predictive maintenance system for your charging stations

  • App Store

    Mobile application available for IOS for your customers to activate, measure and pay for charging sessions

  • Scale the network

    Our algorithm predicts where to place the next charging point

  • Condominium management

    control charging networks in a residential and business context

  • Private networks

    Manage charging points and see consumption per user


How it works

Download the app

Create an account

Activate the charger station

Pay at the end of charging


Contact us

Get in touch with us for any question you may have.